Vato Masina: Sapphires rush near Bemainty, Madagascar

In September 2016 a major sapphire rush took place near Bemainty village close to Ambatondrazaka in Madagascar. Blue and orange sapphires of exceptional quality and size were discovered in a forest covered area part of the CAZ, an area dedicated to conservation. The discovery soon attracted tens of thousands of miners from all around Madagascar.…

Gem Hunting in Tanzania - Mahenge spinels

Downtown – Gem Hunting in Tanzania

Since the late 1960’s, East Africa has been home to some of planet earth’s greatest gem discoveries. And yet, little has been written about certain of these finds. In the autumn of 2007, the authors set out to fill in the gaps, specifically regarding Tanzania’s Mahenge, Songea and Tunduru regions.

Tsavorite – The Untamed Beauty  

Kenya: A Gem Safari

Introduction to Kenyan gems and gemstone mining in Kenya. Gemstone mining in East Africa does not have the long history like gemstones mining in Central Asia (Afghanistan), South East Asia (Burma) and South Asia (Sri Lanka) but during the last few decades countries located on the East African Mozambique Belt like Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and…