After having discovered the mines and the size of the gems, you will then be able to observe the last step: the jeweler’s shop.

You will get a glimpse of the jeweler work, appreciate its thoroughness, getting to know what the setting of a gem is or how to create a jewel from a stone and appreciate the accurateness and delicate manipulations required for these precious materials.

 L’atelier du bijoutierYou will also find our version of the famous traditional Malagasy bracelet, the Vango-Vango which history has many origins. Symbol of freedom found at the end of slavery with this “broken loop” but also an item brought back from India. The coins which originally composed it, and did not exist in Madagascar, were reported by the first navigators and their crews, who exchanged their silver coins for various commodities.

 L’atelier du bijoutierThese “coins of 8”, the first foreign coins to appear on the Island, were then melted into a bracelet for both a practical necessity as well as a requisite symbol. Indeed, the best way to cherish this valuable treasure was to be worn and was also a significant social polularity status. Subsequently, this personal wealth was transmitted within families thus forming part of the legacy that anchored the Vango-Vango in the Malagasy culture and became one of the most famous cultural symbols of the Red Island.

Highly stylized today, it is impregnated by its region of origin because acquired by all and nourished by everyone .On account of its abundance in varieties, Vango-Vango comes in silver, in gold,thick and heavy or thin and light, appraised by men , women and children, plain, carved or adorned with a gem . Vango-Vango also come in rings and necklaces.

Just like the multitude of patterns that differentiate them from each other, it is once again singular by the way it is put on the wrist as its twists make them unique and atypical. This distinctive bracelet represents one of the strongest symbols of Madagascar.

The jeweler's workshop

Jewelry care

If it is true that jewels are fragile and need attention to last, who takes the time to pamperthem?

Over the years, your jewelry loose their shine, dust and dirt build up;While washing hands or having showers rings are scarcely never removed, which should be always done as chemicals alter their shine , acidity of the skin blackens them a bit more. They are frosting with time.

It will be our pleasure to offer your jewels a “rejuvenation treatment”, you will then have your jewelry as beautiful as when you just bought it, as all jewelry should be treated will love and care.We will also check the setting of your stones to ensure their proper fit on your ring or your earrings. This will prevent the stones from coming out.


You have to keep in mind those important things which otherwise will cause many regrets.Believe it or not all those tips will help your jewelry to last for generation. Jewelry should be treasured and enjoyed everytime you put it on