The distinguish aspect of our creations resides in the fact that today Color line is using a silver composition to set up their jewels , for one grenat stone (10 carats) for example, some tourmalines and aquamarines ( 5 carats).

Tourmaline rose

As a field gemologist, as close as possible from original sources , stones are at the heart of our creations. Our jewel collection in premium silver rhodium enhances the stone in the setting.

With the significant help of Ms. Lucie Martinez, a great jeweler, we have designed an elegant collection which greatly helped in by exalting the beauty of a gem. You will appreciate a large number of beautiful Madagascar stones such as surprising garnets, the beautiful Malagasy chalcedony so singular, owing a highly saturated blue, brilliant beryl, aquamarine and morganite or tourmaline, famous for their wide diversity in colors and of course many sapphires which the rainbow colors have given them the notoriety of the deposit. Our gems are cut in our workshops and we master the traceability and therefore the origin.

To the question often asked: “Which stone would best symbolize Madagascar and therefore my trip? The answer is definitely: “The mineralogical diversity of Mada is such that most of the stones of the mineral kingdom are found here”: the quartz discovery by the first navigators at 16 ° C, the zircons and rubellites, first gems reported in France by Grandidier at the end of the 19th century, the famous Béryls of Lacroix (who inspired the first book on the Malagasy stones “Voyage to the land of the Beryl” at the beginning of the 20th century) and all these mines of sapphires and rubies that dotted this vast country, as well as all the discoveries yet to come.

What often best embodies such a trip is simply what will remind you of the best memories.”