The rare and captivating beauty of a gemstone is inspiring to many, though few are aware of the toils of the brave men who dig them from the rocky and unforgiving ground. Filmmaker Philippe Brunot leads us to the heart of Tanzania and Kenya to unveil the secluded profession of the gem seeker. The gemstone trade is divided into several stages, from the discovery of the stone to its marketing in jewelry stores. The middlemen, in order to preserve the viability of their role within this trade, refuse to provide foreigners with direct access to the mining camps. Yet by following of a clan of intrepid explorers, led by renowned gemologist Vincent Pardieu, Philippe Brunot succeeds in traveling to these camps to reveal their precious depths. Gemstones are at the heart of this inspiring journey that transcends borders. This film documents the tremendous will of miners who risk their lives uncovering rare gems several hundred meters underground. FOLLOW THE ZEBRA gives a peek into their ultimate hopes and dreams; a reminder of what goes into the value and preciousness of these rare gemstones.